Modus Operandi

(or the rules of engagement)

SA Alpaca acts as an experienced go-between for the negotiations as well as a financial intermediary. This is to protect and facilitate both parties as much as possible.

At SA Alpaca we prefer keeping things clear, simple and transparent. No fine print or laborious contracts. We believe in stating things up-front to avoid any “I thought …” situations.

Contact form:

  • It is just that – a method to start communicating
  • Fill in the form and click on the submit button

The “nitty gritty”, where common -sense and -law prevail:

  1. Once we receive your form, SA Alpaca will
    • Contact the relevant breeder(s)
    • Confirm availability, prices and conditions
    • Pregnancy, cria at foot, registration, etc.
    • Check health and vaccination details
  2. Should you purchase any alpacas, SA Alpaca will
    • Issue you with a proforma invoice
    • The 50% deposit will secure your Alpacas
    • Deposit minus admin fee forwarded to the breeder(s)
  3. SA Alpaca puts you into contact with the breeder(s)
    • Collection / delivery method and date set
    • Boarding fees established until collection / delivery
  4. SA Alpaca issues you the final invoice, including any boarding fees payable
  5. You settle the balance withSA Alpaca
  6. SA Alpaca issues you a receipt
  7. SA Alpaca prepares and forwards the order to the breeder(s)
  8. You take possession of the Alpacas
  9. The alpacas will only be released after full settlement
    • Documents for any registered Alpacas are handed over
    • You confirm conclusion of the transaction with SA Alpaca
    • SA Alpaca pays over final amount to breeder(s)
  10. Happy buyer, happy seller
  11. Breeders: Once you entrust the marketing and sales of your Alpacas with us you are liable for the costs incurred i.e. admin fee

Unless you, the buyer, would like to add any other terms or conditions – that’s it.